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Going insane..

Mon Sep 13 23:17:00 UTC+1000 2004


This morning I feel like I'm literally going insane.

It seems perfectly rational for me to look at *anything* in the 'normal' world and consider it as completely, entirely, and utterly insane.

Other people might not be insane 'according to them'. Other people are worse than me though. Not only are they freaking insane, they're too stupid to know it.

Today though, I really do just want to run screaming naked onto the street jump on the first car I see and piss on its windshield.

It's Visual Studio that's doing it. I'm sure I could handle the world's insanity, but VS.NETs apparent slowness today feels like it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

I'll look to Fat Boy Slim for solace.

Words fail me.

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