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Zorba Dance

Sun Sep 5 05:50:00 UTC+1000 2004


This is one of my all time, favorite pieces of music.

When I was in year two (or around then) I went on a school excursion to the Sydney Opera House. There was an orchestra there, and they played this piece.

It was some of the first music that I can recall enjoying in my life.

The only memory of music I have that is earlier than Zorba Dance is a vague recollection of hearing the song Electric Blue by Icehouse on Triple M when I was about 5. It's odd, I suppose, that I remember this so clearly. We had tradesmen (painters) at our house, working on renovations, and they listened to the radio while they worked. They had it turned up loud, and I thought these guys were the *coolest* guys in the world. They used to let me help them, by carrying brushes around, etc. and I loved doing it. I remember thinking how cool it was that I was allowed to listen to “heavy metal” (all rock music was “heavy metal” when I was five, because that is what my mother would claim as she turned her nose up at it, and decreed that I was not allowed to listen to it (I still love ya mum, naivety is a requisite of innocence after all :)).


p.s. Holy cow! Just as I was signing off right now, there was the loudest crash of thunder that I have ever heard right outside my window. I hope my UPS holds out!

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