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I got moderated the other day

Sat Sep 4 15:01:00 UTC+1000 2004


I don't think I've ever had a comment moderated before. Anywhere. Ever. ( If you can believe that :P )

So, I was pretty pissed off when the other day my comment got moderated by this guy.

I don't remember exactly what I said, although I'm sure I was polite and brief.

I do remember starting with “Man, I can't believe you said that.” though.

I wasn't real happy with what I'd managed to say in my comment in the end. I didn't have much time to form my thoughts into words. ( and I still don't )

Still, I thought it was pretty disheartening to read those comments given that this guy is going to be the new C# Compiler PM.

Interfaces are so much more important to writing correct programs than anyone seems to realise.

Despite their best efforts, I still think 'sinister' when I think 'Microsoft'. I don't feel like kissing anyone's arse either.


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