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Mon Aug 23 05:52:00 UTC+1000 2004


If you ask someone “why?” about anything, then, if they have an answer, they will start with “Because...” and then explain “why”.

They are relying on causality to explain why.

So, if you witness the entire universe, and you consider 'causality' as a premise, then it seems impossible to ask the question “why”.

How can you describe the beginning of causality while presupposing its existence in order to answer the question?

If you deny causality (which seems like madness to me) then how is it that you could ever answer 'why' to anything?

Where is the 'significance' in any closed system that is either entirely causal (i.e. deterministic) or random (i.e. impossible ;)?

'Everything' is trivially a closed system.

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