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Why I want a 'bunker'.

Sat Aug 14 03:49:00 UTC+1000 2004


If you're me (and I am) then you like being up for 20 or 30 hours at a time.

The thing about that is that Earth rotates once every 24 hours, and the greatest majority of humans have adapted accordingly to spend the majority of their waking hours up while there is sunlight, and sleeping while it is dark.

The problem for me, is that noisy activities tend to disturb others. Particularly, noisy activities disturb others during the night while they are sleeping.

I've always lived in a place that was populated by enough other people that making noise at night would be a problem.

There are a category of things that I don't do as a result.

For example, I don't operate machinery, such as metal lathes, or drill presses. Nor do I play musical instruments, or music in general.

In fact, I don't flush the toilet, or wash clothes, or do the dishes, or anything that was likely to disturb others while it is dark.

But often enough, it is dark when I'm motivated to do such things.

I often think that it would be cool to have a place that was very far away from most people, in the bush, or the country, so that I didn't have to worry about that sort of thing.

Being so far away from people would have quite a few drawbacks.

The primary one would probably be that I wouldn't be able to get a fast internet connection economically. Further, I'd have to travel some distance (requiring a vehicle) just to shop, or reach public transport.

I often dream about having a 'bunker' or a 'basement' somewhere in the city.

I think that would be really cool.

A place that was sound proof, and in which I could control all natural light.

Then, whenever I wanted to, I could turn my music up really loud, and engage in any other 'noisy' activities, knowing that I wasn't going to upset someone.

I think that would be cool.

I reckon the best place to get, would probably be an old night club somewhere.

Not sure I can quite afford one of those yet though.. :P

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