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Access Anal-izer

Thu Jul 29 22:29:00 UTC+1000 2004


In case you had forgotten: I am a Hero.

I've been up for something like 30 hours now. Well over 20 of them spent coding.

Apparently it's Thursday night already. It's hard to keep track; the days all just sort of blend in together.

This afternoon I got sick of that pathetic excuse for a user interface known as Microsoft Access.

So, I hacked together a simple tool that I like to call the Access Anal-izer.

It has all the important features, namely a query panel with a results panel below and F5, Ctrl+N and Ctrl+S short cut keys.

It writes XML files containing a path to an Access database and a query that it can load and edit.

It took less than 10 minutes to hack^wcode it.

Life is good. (except for the MS Access part of it)

Go me!


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