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EditPlus - Reload working files on startup

Sat Jul 17 14:50:00 UTC+1000 2004


I'm not sure if this feature was in previous versions, but in EditPlus v2.12 on the General node in Preferences there is an option to reload working files on startup.

When I first saw it I wasn't at all convinced that would be a good idea. But I switched it on (it defaults to off) and have been using it for a while now (a few days).

I think that it's a really cool feature. Every time EditPlus loads, it opens up all the documents that it had open last time it was closed. It's been useful having it do that, and saved me time.

Thought I'd share.

And while I'm talking about stuff like this, I've got a Nostromo Speedpad (by Belkin), and it's programmable. So I can configure it with keystroke macros basically. It's designed for gamers, but I'm going to set it up for use with my debugger and text editors, so that I can have an 'Add Class' button, and stuff like that. I haven't done it yet, because it will take a while to get it all right, but I've setup the device.. I might work on that for a little while now actually..


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