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Sat Jul 17 14:31:00 UTC+1000 2004


I saw an ad recently (at the cinema I think) that had people with tails.

I thought that was cool.

I wish I had a tail, I reckon it could be pretty useful.

It's funny thinking about the things that would be different if humans still had tails. What would be the implications for sports, sex, furniture, hygiene, etc.

The reason I thought of it was that I was thinking about evolution and wondering why humans can't drink sea water.

Apparently it makes you sick (I've never tried it).

Imagine the world was a little different, and we had different social values, and for instance, it was deemed constructive to force ourselves to evolve to be able to drink sea water. So, you have a really long term project sponsored by the community to deliberately *increase* toxins, particularly salts, in the town water supply. But the goal would be to do so ever so gradually as to not cause significant health issues for the populace. Determining significant would be interesting too.

Basically, it's all interesting.

I love thinking about how the world could be different.

The world does change though, it changes all the time.

I think we are probably presently changing it for the better. Although, what 'better' *really means* I'm not sure.


p.s. My spelling has been getting a lot better lately. Having a blog is really cool. It gives me an opportunity to write regularly.

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