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In my lab I have a UV Lamp 395 nm. I also have a UV Lamp 365nm.

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eBay USA 100 LED 395 nM UV Ultra Violet Flashlight Blacklight Torch Light Lamp Aluminum


I keep my documentation for this equipment here:

  • /home/jj5/electronics/equipment/uv-lamp-395-nm/


Purchased from here: 100 LED 395 nM UV Ultra Violet Flashlight Blacklight Torch Light Lamp Aluminum.



  • Brand New and High Quality
  • 100 LED UV Flashlight(+6xAA Battery) Black
  • Lamp bead type: 395nm UV LED
  • LED Power: 2W
  • Rating Voltage: 9.0V
  • LED Quantity: 100pcs
  • LED Lifespan: 100,000 hrs
  • Irradiation Distance: 100m
  • Lighting Time: 20hrs (depends on battery)
  • Power By: 6xAA 1.5V Battery
  • Flashlight Dimensions (H*D): 7.5" x 3.0"(1.5")
  • Product Material: PVC Rubber+Aluminum Alloy Shell
  • This flashlight emits 395nm UV (Ultra Violet) wavelength with 100 LEDs that can cover a much larger area without losing the intensity of the UV light.
  • You can use this blacklight to detects some kinds of fake money, jewelleries, collections and so on. Outside usage such as finding scorpions and minerals.
  • Reveals pet urine stain on carpets and furniture by this handheld light. Use for security control, rodent contamination, hotel room inspection and much more.
  • Essential UV torch tool for law enforcement, postal inspections, customs, medical forensics, HVAC repair and so on.
  • Power Source: 6 AA batteries are required
  • Sydney local Stock, Fast deliver!


  • 1 x 100 LED UV Flashlight
  • 6 x AA Battery