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In my lab I have a UNI-T UTi260B Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager. I also have a NOYAFA NF-521.

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Vendor Product
AliExpress UNI-T UTi260B Infrared Thermal Imager 256 x192 Industrial Handheld Testing Thermometer For Repair Floor Heating Thermal Camera


You can see me unbox this UTi260B here: Unboxing of UNI-T UTi260B Thermal Imager with Macro Lens | In The Lab With Jay Jay.


I keep my documentation for this equipment here:

  • /home/jj5/electronics/equipment/thermal-imager-UNI-T-UTi260B/


Purchased from here: UNI-T UTi260A UTi260B Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager PCB Electronic Module Repair Thermal Camera Resolution 252x192.


Manufacturer UNI-T
Model UTi260B
IR Resolution 256x192
PC software USB Camera Mode / Picture Analysis
Pixel Pitch 12μm
Size 236mm*75.5mm*86mm
Measurement Range -20°C ~ 550°C
Measurement Accuracy ±2°C
Visible light lens 640 x 480
Frame rate 25Hz
Field of view 56°*42.2°

Technical Data

IR resolution (Pixels) 256×192
Display 2.8” TFT LCD (320×240)
Field of view(FOV) 56°×42°
Thermal sensitivity(NETD) ≤50mK
Spatial resolution(IFOV) 3.8mrad
Frame rate ≤25Hz
Spectral range 8~14µm
Focus Focus Free
Temperature measurement range -20℃~550℃
Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% whichever is greater
Emissivity 0.01~1.00 adjustable (0.95 default)


Color palettes 7 (White hot, Black hot, Red hot, Ironbow, Lava, Rainbow, Rainbow HC)
Image modes Thermal, Visual image, Fusion, Picture in Picture (PIP)
On screen analyzer 3 Points
Digital camera resolution 640×480
Hi/Lo temperature alarm Icon, LED flashlight
PC software analysis supported

General Characteristics

Battery Fixed Li-ion battery (3.6V 5000mAh)
Battery operation time ≥ 6 hours
USB Type-C
IP rating IP65
Drop proof 2m
Storage Up to 32GB Micro SD card
Image/Video storage format BMP
Certificates CE,FCC,RoHS
Product net weight 490g
Product size 236mm×75.5mm×86mm

Packing Details

Standard accessories Micro SD card, Type-C USB cable, English manual,Documents download operation guide card
Standard individual packing Gift box
Standard Qty per carton 10
Standard carton size 500mm×315mm×295mm
Standard carton G.W. 10.1kg


Heavy Duty Thermal Camera

UTi260B is a featured product of UNI-T heavy duty series thermal cameras. It is cost effective and with a wide temperature range: -20℃~550℃. It has higher IR resolution: 256×192 pixels than other models, and includes 7 color palettes and four display modes: thermal, visual image, fusion, and picture in picture. It is also user friendly and rugged enough to pass IP65 and 2m drop test.


  • Durable and user-friendly
  • 2.8” TFT display screen (320×240 Pixels)
  • IR resolution: 256×192
  • Temperature measurement range: -20℃ to 550℃ / -4℉ to 1022 ℉
  • Auto alarm for high/low temperature
  • Auto tracking for hot spot/cold spot
  • On screen analyzer: 3 Points
  • Image capture
  • Image modess: Thermal,Visual image,Fusion,PIP
  • Digital camera resolution: 640×480
  • Color palettes: 7(White hot, Black hot, Red hot Ironbow, Lava, Rainbow, Rainbow HC)
  • LED flashlight
  • PC software analysis and real-time image projection)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 1/4”Tripod Mounting Hole
  • IP65
  • 2m drop proof


  • PCBA inspection
  • motor inspection
  • automotive maintenance
  • solar panel inspection
  • power distribution cabinet inspection
  • electricity facilities inspection
  • mechanical equipment inspection
  • heating equipment inspection
  • building & HVAC inspection