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In my lab I have two Riden RD6006 bench power supplies.

Affiliate links

If you want to buy, see here:

Vendor Product
AliExpress RD6018 RD6018W USB WiFi Digital Control Power Supply DC to DC Voltage Step Down Module Buck Converter Voltmeter 60V 18A


You can watch me test the Riden RD6006 with a 19.5V supply over here: Testing Riden RD6006 with 19.5V power supply | In The Lab With Jay Jay.


I keep my documentation for this equipment here:

  • /home/jj5/electronics/equipment/power-supply-RIDEN-RD6006W/


Purchased from here: RD RD6006 RD6006W USB WiFi DC DC Voltage current Step-down Power Supply module buck adjustable converter 60V 6A Battery Charging.

I ordered mine with the S12D case.


See RD6006/RD6006W firmware update and new functions for notes on how the latest firmware works.

Here are some videos about the unit:


I got this software working on 'wonder'.

  • v1.0.0.15 doesn't support this product model.
  • v1.0.0.14 works!
  • v1.0.0.8 also works

The desktop shortcut on 'wonder' is for v1.0.0.14.