Pro'sKit SS-331H

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In my lab I have a Pro'sKit SS-331 Desoldering Pump.

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If you want to buy, see here:

Vendor Product
AliExpress Electric Solder Suction Gun SS-331 SS-331H ESD LCD Digital BGA Tin Pump Suction Absorb Soldering Iron Hot Desoldering Station


You can see me unbox this desoldering pump here: Unboxing of Pro'sKit SS-331 Desoldering Pump | In The Lab With Jay Jay.


I keep my documentation for this equipment here:

  • /home/jj5/electronics/equipment/desoldering-pump-ProsKit-SS-331H/


Purchased from here: 110V/220V Pro'sKit SS-331 LCD Digital Electric Desoldering Pump 331H BGA Desoldering Suction Vacuum Solder Sucker Gun Auto Sleep.


In How to find a Short Circuit in VRM - A Real Life Example for any Motherboard or GPU Richard from Learn Electronics Repair says that he used to have his set at 380°C but it clogged a bit so now he has it set at 399°C. Also I noticed that he uses the hot air gun in conjunction with the desoldering tool.