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This is my programmable load in my lab. The ZKETECH EBD-A20H programmable load.

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If you want to buy, see here:

Vendor Product
AliExpress EBD-A20H Electronic Load Battery Capacity Power Supply Charging Head Tester Discharging Equipment Discharge Meter Instrument


You can watch me unbox this thing over here: Unboxing ZKE Tech EBD-A20H Battery Tester Electronic Load | In The Lab With Jay Jay.


I keep my documentation for this equipment here:

  • /home/jj5/electronics/equipment/electronic-load-ZKETECH-EBD-A20H/

To connect to this device via USB on 'verve' run EB Tester Software from the desktop. Use Device Manager and look for COM ports under Ports (COM & LPT) the EBD-A20H will be one of the CH340 options.


Purchased from here: EBD-A20H.


The power supply this thing arrived with was 12V @ 1A but I'm using a different 12V power source.


Product Description

EBD-A20H is an electronic load with a variety of discharge modes. It can be used in various battery capacity tests, power tests, support for connecting computers, and more extensions via online software.

Product list:

  1. a tester(GB plug)
  2. aonelinetestline
  3. a power cord
  4. a pair of test clamps

Product Parameters:

Power supply 110-220VAC or 12V DC
Voltage setting 0.00-30.00V, the minimum step 0.01V
Current setting 0.1-20.00A Minimum step 0.01A (Automatic limit current when power is overrun)
Test mode DSC-CC: discharge current is constant, used to test battery capacity or supply current DSC-CP: discharge power is constant, used to simulate constant power equipment or test power
Voltage test 0.000-4.500V (low pressure) accuracy to 0.003V, error ±0.5% 4.50V-30.00V(high presure) accuracy to 0.01V, error ± 0.5%
Current test 0.10-20.00A, accuracy to 0.01A, error ± 0.5%
Capacity test 10Ah, the resolution of 0.001Ah 10Ah-100Ah, the resolution of 0.01Ah above 100Ah, the resolution 0.1Ah
Dischage power Max 200W. It should be controlled within 90% for a long time working
Connection four-wire detection, voltage and current channel separate wiring, to ensure measurement accuracy
LCD display voltage, current, capacity, time so on test data
Computer Online dedicated USB to TTL serial port (Mini USB port, not an ordinary USB cable) curve plotting, automatic current test, calibration reference,upgrade equipment