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  • Work on ML class
    • Need to write up and work through math review lectures
    • Need to answer the online questions for week 1
  • Work on pcad
    • Need to implement server
      • Wait for connections
      • Fork process after connect
      • Read command off socket
      • Find corresponding script and execute it
      • Respond with execution status
      • Close connection
    • Need to implement client
      • Connect to server
      • Send command
      • Read status and return with error level
  • Work on pcphpjs
    • Need to implement 'branches'
  • Work on pcwiki
    • Need to implement extended section links as an extension
  • Need to get backups for ProgClub
  • Need to restore archives on Orac
  • Need offsite backup solution for Blackbrick and ProgClub servers
  • Work on LPTHW