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SSK13 Group Presentation: Wiki

I covered the environment, and also contributed to the introduction and conclusion pages.


Produce a Group Presentation based on your 1st essay and expand it to include an analysis of globalisation as it is today. The 1st essay material that each group member brings along is combined to form an introduction to a discussion/presentation of what are some of the manifestations of globalisation. So the idea is to take the early research and build on that by showing some of the areas where it has grown into. The topics that I suggest that you can look at are:

   * Movements like make poverty history
   * Live aid (including considerations of celebrity e.g. Geldof and Bono)
   * Music
   * Sport
   * Business
   * Crime (drugs, corporate and Internet scams)
   * e-Commerce/Business
   * Environmentalism & global warming
   * Politics
   * Media & Communication

In the course of presenting these topics you will consider their historical development, their success or influence and their durability in a global context.

Write a conclusion summing up the evidence that you have produced and point to what you think may be future developments in these areas.

Cover at least four from this list so that you can divide the presentation into 500 word units (including the introduction: the introductions will need editing together so that is an nearly equivalent job if you are dividing the work up amongst each group member.

This is not an exhaustive list so if you have others contact the Convenor or your tutor for approval.