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I'm seriously fucking sick of hearing about SOA

Mon Jun 28 10:51:00 UTC+1000 2004


If you think SOA is new, or exciting, or a new trend, or anything like that, then you've never understood what you are doing when you are writing a program.

If you have more than one execution context then you share data.

You can lock (pessimistic) or version (optimistic) data, either way you deal with concurrency. Concurrency is the only issue. If you don't stick your data behind a decent boundary that defines some type of interface for working with it, then it sucks to be you (just like it has always sucked to be you).

Versioning data ends up being the only feasible choice in a large system.

If you didn't realise this a long time ago, then that's probably because you're a knobhead too busy chanting buzzwords to bother having a clue what you're talking about.

Stop it with the friggin' TLAs like you heard about something new. The concepts don't even deserve a new fucking term.

I'm so glad I work by myself. I'd be up for assault charges in any typical office environment by now I'm sure.



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