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Writing code that does batch processing..

Mon Jun 28 08:54:00 UTC+1000 2004


You know when you write code that does batch processing... ...and you don't take the time to get an appropriate 'small' data set, so you just run it over *everything*. Then an hour later you're sitting there, and you've fixed quite a few bugs, etc. but you started the thing off in the debugger attached to your IDE, so you can't compile or test your data until after it finishes. If you just tear down the process then you won't get to see the report that you generate at the end, and you have a bug or two in the cancellation process that you know you've fixed now but that fix wasn't in the running build...

...yeah... ..I just sit around and read e-mail, go to the toilet, find a song to listen to, make a coffee as well!


I think I'm going to invest half an hour in creating an suitably sized and 'representative' dataset. I hate just sitting around, but when my program is working so well, it's a shame not to let it run..

Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have a stable version that I can kick off on my Xeon. I've always wanted to watch that thing crank some numbers.. all it does at the moment is serve this junk to you (see, never say I don't love you, just think of all the resources at your disposal!).

I've been awake too long again haven't I..?

I'm leaving.


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