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Three dudes in ski masks knocked on my door.

Sat Jun 26 23:10:00 UTC+1000 2004


Back when I was in high-school, one night I was at home in bed with my g/f and I could hear something moving around outside. I thought that I could hear voices. Then there was a knock on the door. I quickly dragged some clothes on and walked to the door. When I opened the door there were three dudes wearing black ski masks. I jumped out of the door and punched one of them in the head, then they started saying “dude, dude, dude... woah.. it's just us” and taking their masks off.

Turns out a few of my mates had decided to play a prank, and it sort of didn't work out like they had planned.. actually.. I'm not sure that they even had a plan! (well at least not more of a plan than “let's go to Elliot's house at 2am in ski masks and see what happens“.. haha).

It's pretty funny though. It's not every day that you open the door to three masked men.

(sorry, Luke, I hope it didn't hurt too much mate :)


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