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Thu Jun 24 12:39:00 UTC+1000 2004


I just ordered pizza for lunch (I stink too much to leave the house, couldn't be bothered getting dressed, etc.) and the guy who answered the phone was sthooper-dooper camp.

At first I just assumed it was a woman, but after chatting for a while (about how I wanted stuffed crust pizza ;) it seemed pretty obvious he was a dude. He even let ripped with an *exasperated* pucker of the lips, and a disgruntled “well...” when I told him I had no idea what toppings I wanted.

I guess he just assumes I know what's on the menu.. and how would I know that. I always get a vego and a supreme, because they are the only pizzas that I know of. I really would have liked him to run me through the menu.

The funny thing was later in the conversation though when I said, “sorry, mate”. Coz just as a I 'mate' it crossed my mind that he might have been a 'she'.

It's funny how people behave.


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