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Tue Jun 22 08:04:00 UTC+1000 2004


The other day, I had a pack of smokes I was so impressed with, I almost felt like blogging about it, just to rave about the quality. But I didn't. And good thing too...

I buy relatively expensive smokes (and believe me, I have to say 'relatively' because all smokes are bleeding extortion, it should be criminal) because I CARE. I don't like smoking SHIT.

Anyway, the pack that I've cracked open here today tastes like someone pissed on them. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that some chump in the factory had, either.

I have a bad day when my smokes are foul.

These are some of the best quality smokes you can get in this country, and their quality is appalling.

For the best part of $10 a pack, it'd be nice to get something that didn't just spontaneously combusted while tasting like burnt hair and urine.

I really don't know why people stand for it.

The only reason I can't get quality smokes, is because my society wants to bludge the tax dollars off me and because some knob head says it'll increase your chances of dying.

I hate the 'warning labels' that actually just serve as 'reminder labels' too. Big Brother couldn't have engineered this wrought better, which is strong evidence that the focker exists!

...oh, build failed.. balls..


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