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On time..

Sun Jun 20 08:12:00 UTC+1000 2004


It's all Time and Motion, JJ, it's all Time and Motion, that's what a mentor of mine once said explaining how to work effectively as a chef.

And it's true. Cooking is all about time and motion. If you spend enough time as a chef, you sort of feel like all your food is just 'flowing' through time. Any task will take a given amount of time, each which will have crucial points of interruption, and each that will also need to be left for a period of time. To juggle all of these things, so that you can serve dinner for 20 or 30 people, it helps to think of time and motion.

Time is an interesting concept. I wonder if time is actually separate from motion.

I'm not actually sure that it is.

Any particle exists in its own time. It is its own frame of reference, and 'time' can change for it differently to how time is changing relative to another particle.

I think if there was no motion. Then there would be no time.

So, perhaps there is no time.

Only motion.

Time is just a useful tool to help describe motion, and even to predict it.

I like it.


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