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My program is a *girl*!

Thu Jun 17 04:14:00 UTC+1000 2004


You know how traditionally it's the females (stereotypically speaking before someone bites my head off) that have a reputation for emotional bullying, while the guys tend to just push each other around? You know, the girls tease each other until they develop eating disorders, whereas guys just yell at each other and try to break a rib?

Well, I reckon trying to wrestle with a computer program is like trying to go head to head with a *girl*. Now that's a daunting prospect. :)

What I mean is that these things 'tease' you. They make you strain. They stress you out. They're *emotional bullies*. They're *intellectually challenging*. You have to beat them entirely with your brain and your emotional state.

I really wish my computer systems were like boys and not girls, so I could belt the living shit out of them.


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