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Perpetuation not Production

Wed Jun 16 14:09:00 UTC+1000 2004


I just realised that our society functions to perpetuate itself, not produce.

All of our insane social schemes exist to perpetuate themselves, not to aid in production.

A lawyer doesn't aid in the regulation of a business management consultancy who reports to an accounting firm that manages the finances of a shipping company that imports cheap plastic goods to be sold as a marketing device at a fast food chain just so that people can eat greasy burgers that are produced there.

Instead, the lawyer is a just a person trying to survive in a Darwinist sense within the confines of a bizarre social arrangement that resulted from an abundance of people left over after technology advanced so far that the production that sustained each life had gone so far beyond their necessity to contribute to it that they needed to find a suitable place in the class system that surrounds and controls it and in the end they serve it and perpetuate it.

Thus ends the thought for the day.


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