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Hahaha! Nutbush!

Fri Jun 11 14:40:00 UTC+1000 2004


The Nutbush just came on!

This song is so awesome. Good work Tina!

I have the clearest memory of Cam Morrissey and me dancing to this in Year 6. We we're definitely the best at it! :D

Also, the first time I *ever* purchased my *own* beer at a pub was when I was 15. It was at the Gardners Hotel in Blackheath, and I was there with a group of about 8 others (from work and around the traps) and just after I bought *my first beer ever* this song came on.

So, this was the first song that I heard (and danced to, because I know the moves baby!) as I consumed my first *I bought it myself* beer ever.

Ah, the memories!


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