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2004-06-06 024228

Sun Jun 6 02:55:00 UTC+1000 2004


I've had this blog for 6 months now. That sort of seems like a long time, but it also seems like a short time. 6 months is about 2.2% of the time I've been alive, which also seems like a short time and a long time.

I wish I'd had my blog my entire life. For you it's probably just ramblings, but for me there are already memories behind the little things that I write here. I can already see things that I wrote in the 'past' that no longer properly represent 'what I think now'. There is learning here. Further, some of the info that I post here has been really useful, so as a reference this blog has saved me a fair bit of time.

I wish that when I was in school, instead of text books I'd had a blog.

I wish all the maths and physics work that I'd done in school was here.

I wish I still had all the stories and essays that I wrote for English, just so I could remember them.

I wish the code and reports that I wrote at uni were here.

I wish I took more photos and posted them here.

Having a blog is also really interesting from the point of view of noticing time. I can actually look back and figure out what I was doing on any particular day. I think that's kind of cool.

I wish I knew what the date was when I did things in my life, and now with my blog and even just my computer files, I can easily know. There is a complete history of me being stamped in time on my computer (and the internet at large).

If someone wanted to use that against me, that could be pretty powerful. But I'd prefer not to worry about that. I wish I had more of my life recorded like this, just for my reference.

The tools I have for mining that data at the moment are quite limited, but I think I can work on that.

It's kind of like my own personal time line.


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