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Why nerds are unpopular.

Sat May 29 14:42:00 UTC+1000 2004


Interesting article: Why nerds are unpopular.

It's funny that the author seems to think that this behavior stops after high-school.

I think it's pretty pervasive in all aspects of human interaction. Although it does 'matter' more after high-school, and people have more effective tools like starvation, bankruptcy and prison to crush you if they decide that you don't fit in to their social schemes.

While I won't deny that being popular is an attractive option, I don't care as much about that as I do about being smart. I like making things and I want to know THE TRUTH (TM).

In many ways, not caring about being 'popular' is seen as self-destructive, and ironically it is this attitude that makes you popular in high-school. High-school popularity is only about being strong. It's about having the courage of your convictions. Also, don't pretend for a second that the popular kids are happier than the 'not popular' kids, they are the most tortured, stressed individuals in the bunch. It's lonely at the top. But the kids are only looking for, or trying to be leaders.

The thing about high-school is that you are crammed into school every day. My attendance in high-school for year 11 and 12 was roughly 75%. That was when I *had* to attend. These days, I'm not forced into a geographically confined space and forced to interact with others on a daily basis, so I just sit around in my room. I hate doing that *less* than dealing with people on a daily basis.

It's not like groups of nerds don't vie for popularity in their own groups either. What's the point of being alone? If you're alone, how are you going to find someone to breed with?

Bah! What would I know. I'm a contemptuous, elitist, wannabe intellectual snob! (right?). Make my life easy, label me.

(erm, did I actually make any points in this rant? oh well. I'm going now..)


p.s. I went to two high-schools. I never knew what I was. There wasn't really any social circles that I felt uncomfortable interacting in. I could never figure out if I was a Jock, a Freak, a Nerd or a Normal kid. I'm still not sure what I am. But I am most certainly not a conformist! Pfft, conformists! I wasn't a Band geek though, nor was I a Drama poof, but I wouldn't have minded being either of those, and in many ways wish I had have been. In fact, not knowing which label to apply to myself always left me feeling quite alienated. Frankly, it still does.

p.p.s. After high-school the labels change from Jock, Freak, Nerd, Band Geek, etc. to Hippy, Dole bludger, Capitalist, Humanist, God botherer, etc. It's the same shit, different smell.

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