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New heater

Thu May 20 02:23:00 UTC+1000 2004


I went to the supermarket tonight to pick up a new heater (and some smokes, chocolate milk and two-minute noodles) and after casing the joint I was unable to find them.

I'd purchased two heaters from there before, but there weren't any in the isle (or any other isle that I'd checked) that they were last time.

I gave up and went to the counter. I asked about the heaters, turned out they were across from the fresh produce, the only place I hadn't bothered to go and look in, thinking “they wouldn't sell heaters next to the fruit and veg”. Turns out that they do.

Anyway, it's nice to be sitting here next to a heater, not freezing my tits off for a change.

$20 still gets you the *expensive* blow heater. Out of control.


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