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Phone Manners

Tue Apr 27 12:31:00 UTC+1000 2004


Some lady with what I'd describe as an 'Indian' accent (because I have NFI) just rang me up and said “Can I have your fax number please?” and I said “Excuse me?”, and she said “Can I have your fax number please?”. I said “Um, who are you?” and she said “No, I'm calling for the fax number please.” and I said “Well where are you from?” and then she hung up on me.

I just rang my little brother to see how my Dad got on today (he's fine) and when he answers the phone I always say something like “G'day mate. How's it going?” and he always just says “Good.” and that's it. I always pause a little, giving him some time to decide to enquire as to how I am, but he never does.. nothing gets said until I ask him another question.


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