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My heaters are broken

Mon Apr 26 12:32:00 UTC+1000 2004


Several months ago, I purchased two little blow heaters from Coles. They were dirt cheap, and from memory I got the 'expensive' ones, the difference was the 'cheap' ones were $10 and the expensive ones were about $25 or something.

Anyway, one of them broke some time ago, but the remaining one just stopped working earlier this weekend. The thing that pisses me off is that I *know* there is no good reason for the heaters to break. They could easily be engineered to last far longer than they have, and they could too in fact be produced and retailed for even less than the already ridiculously low price I paid for them. They're only comprised of a handful of components, and I'm sure if I took it apart I could find and fix the failed component.

It vexes me to know that my feet are cold because some company actually *went out of their way* to make sure my heaters failed by now. They know that I'm just going to buy new ones.

On the one hand I understand this, but from a more 'holistic' or 'social' point of view, it's pretty pathetic that our society needs to deliberately waste materials just so that a few of us have will receive the finance they need to purchase food.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!

Oh, and: FOCKERS!


p.s. turns out that you say 'holistic' when talking about the 'whole'. I always thought it was 'wholistic', guess I was wrong..

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