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BB01SEP04 13:37

Sat Apr 24 01:27:00 UTC+1000 2004


I was just sitting here daying dreaming.

I'm supposed to be sleeping, so I'm fresh for rugby tomorrow, but I can't sleep. I've been to bed twice.

Anyway, don't really want to tell you what I was thinking about, but I picked up the last bottle of pepsi from the box next to my computer, and sort of had a sip and just put the lid on, and sort of subconciously twisted the cap and whatever. Then I was holding the bottle, and sort of scratching the top of it, lost in my thoughts.

What I was scratching was the serial number that had been engraved into the top of the bottle. You know, they sort of burn it in there, by melting little dots into the bottle.

Then I sort of ran my thumb over it, and looked at what I was touching.


See. I told you.

The 'BB' part was interesting too, given the context. Don't know if there's anything special about the 1st of September? It is the 9th month though..

Can't say I've ever looked at a bar code on a pepsi bottle before.


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