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+1 Karma for me!

Fri Apr 23 22:05:00 UTC+1000 2004


So, my client was here today, and I was in a meeting and my doorbell rings.

I was pissed off immediately. If it was the fucking Mormans again, I was going to give them a serve (um, quick background on that one. Last night I was at home sitting around in my boxer shorts and my door bell rings, and I thought, nah, noone's told me they are coming, it'll just be a salesman, fuck it. So I ignored it. Then the door bell goes again 20 seconds later. So I get up and go to the door and look out the little peep hole. It's Mormans, so I think, ah, still fuck it. I don't want to get dressed for them. So I go and sit down, but they would have heard me. So I ignore the door bell for another minute or two, and they stand there and ring it more. Then I go and look out the door again, and think “fuckers”. So I go and find some clothes to throw them on while they keep ringing my fucking doorbell. When I finally flung open the door they were visibly startled and jumped back. I guess they could tell that I wasn't too happy to be answering the door. I said “What can I do for you?”, the guys looked scared and sort of fumbled his words, getting tounge tied, but I saw him gain his composure and then he finally managed to spill out: “We want to co, we, god, that,... We want to come in and talk to you about God. There is a purpose to life.” I just said “No thanks.” and that was it. They didn't even try to get their foot in the door.. )

So, yeah, thought maybe the Mormans had russelled up the balls to come back, right while I was in the middle of a meeting. But I opened the door, and it was the little old lady from next door. I forget her name, I think it's Edma (I know it is not Edna, because that's what I thought it was) but I've spoken to her once or twice. All of the globes in her house were busted, so she had no lights. She asked me “Could you come and fix the light bulb in my bathroom? I don't want to take another shower in the dark”.

Poor lady, I wonder how long she's been showering in the dark. She was a little dodery. I know how she feels. She lives in that room by herself. Locked in there all day. It was funny to see her appartment though, much more 'furnished' than mine, it actually felt like a 'home'. Anyway, I fixed her light for her, but I didn't have time to stay and chat, because I was in a meeting. I think she was probably just looking for a little company too.

Next time she comes around, I'll offer her a cup of tea. (So, I can have +2 Karma)


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