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ADO.NET SQL Client suxors on the wire.

Tue Apr 13 14:59:00 UTC+1000 2004


So, I'm testing my code. Watching some stuff go across the wire to the DB. Was watching the profiler, seeing everything work fine, but got pissed about the fact that it passes params with ' ' (a space character) between the param name, the equals sign, and the value. Talk about a waste of space. So I ran Ethereal to see what was going on, and man, there is so much that is wasted on the wire.

OK, so you want to use Unicode. Fine. Fair enough. But ease up on the useless white space buddy, it's wasting precious bandwith (and cycles!).

Turns out Altavista doesn't know what dummytextptr is all about. But then again, neither does google. And well, neither do I (yet).


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