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2004-04-02 1649

Fri Apr 2 17:02:00 UTC+1100 2004


Well, what a day (or week even).

It's 4:50 and I'm clock watching. That's not usually like me, but I'm so keen to get out of here.

Not sure how many days it's been since I've left the house, but at least 2 or 3.. I need beer, and air, in the worst possible way.

Generally I'm working on .NET software, but yesterday I had to do some VB6/ASP stuff. A DLL and an ASP page that uses it, and well, funny story about that. And by funny, I mean I'm going to fix your sink.

IIS on my workstation is kaput, it took me *ages* to fix it. Now it 'mostly' works. I don't think it's IIS, I think it's a COM+ problem. Was totally bizarre though, and kept me up late last night. My ADSL went down last night to, and suddenly I was sitting in a room by myself. It's funny, I get a distinct lonely and isolated feeling when my internet goes down, you can really notice it. When the network is up, I'm *with* people, when it's down I realise I'm in a room by myself..

I'm having a battle with my DAL (data access layer) this afternoon. I need a transparent method for passing it a 'transaction context'. I'm trying to figure out the best way to plug this together, i.e. have the 'context' do the execution, or read the transaction from the 'context'. It's painful.

Anyhow, it's 4:55 now. That's good.

So, anyway, got that ASP stuff done this morning, and it's running now. I'll take a minute to say how much I hate VB6. I'm allowed to say that. See, I'm a 'VB Programmer'. I've always been a VB sympathiser. I'm just over it, that's all.

Listening to the Sex Pistols right at the moment. Perfectly suits my mood too:

There is no reason why! I tell you it was all a frame! They only did it for the fame! Who?! EMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!

Yay, it's 5. I'm gone.


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