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Random quote web-service

Mon Mar 22 20:03:00 UTC+1100 2004


I'm sure someone has already done this, but I want a random quote service for my blog. 'because i can' wears a little thin..

I know Shaz has one, what I think would be cool is to have a public 'quote submission' feature where people can post funny, rude, inspirational, silly or profound quotes and they get picked at random each request for a page of my blog. Perhaps the quote could link to somewhere too, or have a 'tool-tip' with an extra comment.. once the post facility was in place I could expose a web service for others to grab random quotes from me, perhaps specifying one or more categories to filter by. Perhaps users could set a cookie that included the categories of quotes they would like to see while navigating the site. The possibilities are endless!

One day, when I do the 'great rewrite of 2011' I'll include this feature.


p.s. Secretly I'm also hoping that HTML is obsolete by 2011.

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