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OK, it is time..

Mon Mar 15 12:54:00 UTC+1100 2004


Well, I don't want to just turn my back on notepad.exe, after all it has always been there for me, and has a 'really nice personality', it's just that EditPlus is cooler.

It's funny the things that you put off doing, that only take two seconds to do, but for some reason you don't do them. Basically, I've decided today that I'm going to put the EditPlus install folder in my search path, and associate it with .txt files. I'm not sure why I haven't done this before, I guess because I'm just used to sending 'everything' (i.e. MSG, XLS, MDB, DOC, DLL, EXE) to EditPlus every now and again, and the context menu is always there.

Today, WinKey + R => notepad [ENTER] becomes WinKey + R => editplus [ENTER] - ALT - F - N - N

Have a nice day.


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