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Change is as good as a holiday..

Sat Mar 6 15:24:00 UTC+1100 2004


I changed my IDE windows around today in VS.NET. I've typically just stuck with the default C# developer preferences, save a few modifications. Basically I very rarely use the class view, I tend to do all my navigation via the solution explorer.

As I've been working on libraries, and basically just doing a lot of typing and file management. I have no need for the tool box or any other clutter at the moment. I've just closed all ancillary tool windows and kept the solution explorer open and docked to the left. Just like Windows Explorer, EditPlus, etc. For some reason, this just 'feels right'.. I guess it's not going to be handy for designing code with a designer, but we'll see.

The other thing that I've done is work in full screen mode. It's funny to notice how often I glance at the clock. If you had have asked me, I would have said 'hardly ever', but since I've been working in full screen mode I've noticed that I habitually look to the sys tray to 'see what's going on', with the time, new e-mails, etc. I guess I probably only distract myself with that stuff, so ALT + SHIFT + ENTER is like taking the phone off the hook..


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