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First time for everything..

Fri Mar 5 01:33:00 UTC+1100 2004


I was out in Sydney at around midnight about a week ago. Stumbling home after another drunken episode no doubt.

Anyway, I was waiting for a train, and this guy was running around trying to hand out 'business cards' to people. He looked like a real bum. Skinny, 40 something, shabby clothes, etc. I forget exactly where I was, Central or Strathfield probably.

Everyone was ignoring him, and he got angry about something, ranting to himself. I sort of made some comment to him and smiled or whatever, and we had a 2 second conversation. He was standing in the vestibule on the train, and I was on the platform. As the doors were closing, he said, 'check out my blog', then handed me one of his cards.

Turns out this 'bum' was out in public pimping his blog! Hahaha.. well there you go, talk about a hit whore. :)

I'd pretty much forgotten about this little encounter, but I've just found the card he gave me. So, if you want to see what a eccentric religious dude from Sydney has on his blog, check out David Christopher Marsh.


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