(2003 to 2005)

I don't get to actually *use* my computers any more..

Wed Apr 27 13:45:00 UTC+1000 2005


...because every time I go to use one of them, then first thing I have to do is address the 'Software Update' dialogue of [insert software here] before I can use it.

Like, I use TortoiseSVN, and every few weeks there's a new version, and I have this software on four computers, so I get the message that I need to upgrade it four times per release. Then to upgrade it I need to “go to web site, download, close everything, install, reboot.”

And that's just for one application.

It seems every time I turn on my iMac, Apple wants to ask me for my administrator password, ask me to agree to a 5 page license agreement that I don't have time to read, then spend an hour downloading and installing updates.

My windows computers are the same. Either I go to use them and realise that “updates are ready to install” which is kind of like “your computer has been susceptible to known vulnerability for days now” and then first thing I need to do is apply the updates, or the updates are applied automatically which means I come back to my computer and find that the 37 application windows I had open have all been fragged by an auto-reboot. Usually on each computer.

I hate software so much.

I try to avoid it.

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