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Sun Feb 15 15:21:00 UTC+1100 2004


I'm going to add a category to my blog called 'Echo'.

You see, what happens is I see something on someone elses blog that I read, and I think it's cool, or useful, or important, or whatever so I want a record of it so I can look it up again later. Well I use my blog to store that kind of stuff. To comment on things that I see.

The problem is, I'm not alone in doing this, everyone does it. So when something happens, it's not unusual for me to see the same 'topic' or 'fact' mentioned in many blogs at the same time. It's interesting to see a fact propogate, but at the same time it can be painful to get the same news 15 times in one day.

So, even though my category reporting is pretty shoddy at the moment, I'm hoping that in the future it might be useful to know that at the time that I posted it, it was just an echo of something that I saw in another blog.

That is all.


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