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Sun Apr 17 13:44:00 UTC+1000 2005


The other day, I set up some web log reporting stuff... for someone... or something.

Bought a beer this evening. Decided afterwards that I could do better. Found my emergency bottle of scotch. Only it wasn't scotch... it was irish...

Got pissed.

It's about 11:30ish. That's good. I'll probably be in bed before midnight. That's early for me. Usually the sun is threatening to come up before I go to bed.

I've decided to write this at a physically great distance from my computer, that way I can feel disassociated from it.

I'm leaning very far back in my chair.

So far, in fact, that I can barely see the screen.

By the way, my Dad is going to get me a new chair.

I love my Dad.

He's awesome.

I'm getting some new monitors too.

That's also awesome.

But not as awesome as my Dad.

I'd go on, but you're not likely awesome enough to be deserving of that knowledge.

You know why?

Because the people here are perverts.

That's what I reckon.

In the last seven days there have been 1,981 distinct host served by my blog.

That's kind of like saying that “last week 1,981 people (give or take a 1,000) came here to see what I said.“

That's strange, eh?

Like, in the last week, probably at least 1,000 people came here.

And none of the introverted fucks had a thing to say. (Except for you, Stuart, Shaz, Scott, Dave, Brad and Ben who are *totally* my number one homies.)

So let's pretend I care about 10 people, in 1,000. Did you guys churn through 100 IP addresses last week? Really? I mean I've already given ~1,000 away for random internet occurrences. And I'm totally 'data mined' out. You guys have no idea how brain fucked I've been getting lately. It's like the universe took its dick, and jammed it in my ear. Actually, it's worse than that... it's popped out the other side.


That's not to mention my friends and relatives who come here religiously to see what I'm doing, but who have *never* posted.

I'd talk somewhat about that, except that it's likely to be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Not that I'd want to mislead anyone, or be untruthful...... just that perhaps, it seems, these ones seem be left unspoken.

Anyway, I've known for a long time, that far more people read this site, than comment.

The whole Frank issue is another thing too.

I suspect she's the girlfriend of one of my 'would be' friends.

Actually, suspect is kind of a weak word.

Anyway, I'm gonna go finish my bottle of whiskey now.

And in the morning, when I wake up, I'll re-evaluate this post.

I feel really good.

You know why?

Because I'm working myself toward a new attitude.

One that I've never had, in my entire life.

You want to know what that is?

It means, my care about you is conditional.

That's means you may have to re-evaluate how you relate your emotional response to me, given that now, I'm highly unlikely to care. I mean, dishonesty is still an option, Anonymous Coward. Unfortunately it's likely to be somewhat of an illusion, and really, kind of unconvincing.


( I now return you to our scheduled programming, which is very much as insane as this, only I appear more likely to care. Have a nice day. )

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