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Thu Apr 14 11:09:00 UTC+1000 2005


You know, what I *really*, *really*, *really* hate.

When I'm working away furiously, and my fucking computer locks up.

I have lots of computers, so while that other one is busy doing *nothing* I thought I'd come here and vent.


Yeah, I know. It's not the computer's fault.

Why then am I filled with a quiet rage?

You know that dangerous kind of rage, where dudes are so angry they just don't say anything, and they get this kind of 'peaceful' look, and you know that look is totally fake, and all they're really trying to do is refrain from coming over and squeezing your eyeballs out with their thumbs!? You know, THE QUIET RAGE, where any minute you're sure the dude is going to totally fucking snap, and go totally fucking haywire and start screaming at the GODDAMN FUCKING LOCKED UP COMPUTER!!??

Yeah. Well I have that now.

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