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Schapelle Corby Petition

Sun Apr 10 23:00:00 UTC+1000 2005


I got an email this morning containing a petition for Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer to increase Australian involvement in the Schapelle Corby case.

I'm not into blanket forwarding emails, and there are two slots left on the thread that I received, so if I send it to you it then becomes your responsibility to add your name and forward it to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

If you will do that, please email me, and I'll forward it to you.



 !!Please take a moment to read and sign the
following petition to help save Australian citizen
Schapelle Corby from death by firing squad in Indonesia.

Schapelle Corby has been detained in a Balinese
prison and now awaits sentencing from a panel of
judges on whether she will be committed to the death
penalty, by a firing squad, for allegedly attempting
to import four kilograms of cannibis into
Indonesia.It is disgusting and barbaric in this day
and age that a 'death penalty by
firing squad' law exists, and that an Australian
citizen should be subject to it.This law is
out-dated and inhumane, and considering that
convicted terrorist Abu Bakar Bashir has only been
sentenced to two years and six months jail (with the
prospect of appeal) for his proven 'conspiracy'
participation in the Bali bombings that killed 183
people, in the same country, it is inconsistent and
absurd that another person should face the death
penalty for allegedly smuggling cannibis into the
Furthermore, the Australian Government and airlines
should be taking more responsibility for this
incident in any case, since it is the fault of the
Australian airlines/airport that the drugs even left
Australia in the first place - which also leaves us
to ponder on the security and possible internal
corruption of staff working at Australian
airports,in light of drug smuggling and terrorism.

We the undersigned demand that the Australian
Government, and Department of Foreign Affairs and
Trade, act responsibily to ensure that, innocent or
guilty, Schapelle Corby is returned to Australia and
that she does NOT face the 'death penalty by firing
Squad' in Indonesia.

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