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Sat Apr 9 22:38:00 UTC+1000 2005


You know who I like?

I like Ron Jeffries.

I reckon he's got language mostly sussed.

He sees the meaninglessness in language, to a large extent, but he plugs away communicating anyhow.

I've been lurking on his forum for a while now.

I think he's pretty clever.

I think he's a good leader.

I also think he's a good communicator. That is, at least, a lot of what he says seems to resonate with me, giving me the feeling that I understand what he says.

That said, I actually don't know very much about him at all.

I think I have a book by him... hmm. I guess I could turn my head to find out... nah, that'd remove the Borg-like mystique that I like to maintain for myself by denying other people their identity in my brain.

I reckon any programmer, or 'thinker', who absorbs themselves in their challenges ends up knowing less than what they did to begin with.

Some days I just want to throw it all away.

Language, code, law, custom.

It's bogus.

It's noisy.

You can only claim utility or reason in the context of it.

Then, on other days, I just want a smoke, a coke, and a meat pie.

With sauce.


I've written a few of these nothing posts over the w/e.

I think I'll post this one.


I think I just gained a deeper appreciation of poetry.

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