(2003 to 2005)

Email from Tim

Wed Apr 6 00:13:00 UTC+1000 2005


I hope no-one minds that I put this up.

Thought some of you guys might like to hear from Tim.



Gíday, How is everyone? I received letter number three today. It's the 5 Apr, you wrote it on the 25 Mar and sent it on the 29 Mar. I sent a letter, last week some time, I donít think you received it by the time you sent your last letter.

I saw the Air Force news article with Bobcat in it. I just looked at it on line. You can use this e-mail address for general chit-chat as well. It will be much easier than sending letters I guess. Let us know if you get my letter though.

I am enjoying my time over here, lots of great experiences. I have some cool photos. I will get round to e-mailing them soon, hopefully. I have only had one day off since I have been here and I still went in to town to do the mail run. I like it though, itís good to be busy, the days are going quick, and I much prefer to be working than sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I hear, our willingness to work has been noted by the bosses, which is good to hear and they appreciate the hours we put in for them and are happy with what we are providing them.

I jump on line to get all the footy results, not missing out on anything that I can think of. Like I said in my letter, just about everything you can imagine is available on this base. I got the starburst, they were good, Iíll put on weight over here, if I keep eating all these lollies. The yanks put enough sugar in their food as it is. I am eating well though and feeling pretty good. Doing circuits three times a week when I can, with the PTIís over here. Itís a good little crew that go to circuits and the Aussies always have a good showing.

Been busy this week, with lots of flights up North. I have been in four different countries since I arrived. Loving the experience and the aircrew are great to work with. Hopefully, work continues this way and we stay busy for the full deployment.

The RAAF and RAF had their birthdays last week and we had a British vs Aussies cricket and softball match followed by a bbq to celebrate. Poms won the cricket, we won the softball. Though we claimed the poms cheated cos they didn't fulfil their female team members quota and didn't let them bowl. Whereas we had plenty of chicks play and let everyone have a go, it was a good day, lots of fun. I am here with a good bunch of people and I get on well with most of them.

Anyways, I best be off, feel free to write using this e-mail address. It may take me a while to reply due to the hours I am working and my time away. This week we probably averaged about 4 hours sleep a night. Got a good sleep last night, in bed at 12 up at 7, and it was seven hours solid, it was great. I am flying again tomorrow and the next day, and should be out at the range on the weekend. When I get a day off I will take the time to write more, but I got some stuff to go chase up now. Hope everyone is well. Speak to you soon.

Love Tim.

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