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Sat Apr 2 15:06:00 UTC+1100 2005


I love seeing spammers who defeat my spam filter fail to defeat the fact that I don't read HTML email.

Their method makes for the most bizarre results.



have a mutiny aboard, and I'll lead it myself sooner than surrend
who was a head taller than himself.
of scared, half-dressed townsfolk - mostly women - who had come
at parting.  Who goes slowly, goes safely, as the Italians have
was a personal wrong to herself.  Surely, he might have reasoned,
It is time fully to disclose the fact that the survival of the st
you prefer to have it otherwise....  He shrugged, and waved a ha
Jamaca by night.  But I was in haste to land you.  Come up here.
The brazen baggage!  By God, I'll bring her to her senses.  It w
buccaneering.  Why, then, was he here?  That question he would an
I did not gather that, said his lordship slowly.  He related
I assure you, sir, that I was fully informed of all.  I do not
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