(2003 to 2005)

Scuba photos are in!

Sun Mar 20 10:40:00 UTC+1100 2005


Adrian and Amar outside Ulladulla IGA, supplies in hand.


Adrian, Noel, Amar, Adam and Tash, my advanced diving brethren, wait patiently as I avail myself of the, um, facilities.


Ulladulla Dive shop. The place for bad air and hackey-sack. Turns out that I'm not actually a 'hacker'.


Tash and I waiting in the bus. ( Hey Tash, “gotcha!” ;)


Noel, ready for some more diving action.


Adrian suits up for the night dive at Bawley Point.


Adam suiting up for the night dive.


I think Amar is just naturally narced. :)


Noel, like everyone else, thinking “man, it's way to cold to be getting back into my wet wetsuit...”


Pete Shoobert, the most awesomest diving instructor *ever*, thinks “what the fuck are you doing Elliot? Go get your suit on.”


Heidy, Pete's wife, runs from the camera.


Pete 2 pulling faces. Pete was another one of our instructors.


Nearing sunset over Bawley Point.


Night is coming. Awesome.


Another shot of everyone suiting up for our first night dive.


Yeah. OK. Seriously Amar, you've got some seriously repressed sexual tension there buddy.. ( I actually don't even remember this happening, guess it can't have been as much fun as it seems it might have been.. but yeah, that's me being molested in my wet-suit. )


Looking out from the deck of “Sweaty Palms” the place we spent the Saturday night, before our deep dives. Adam is at the boot of his car ( where, incidentally, my leather jacket still lies, to this day... balls. )


It's a shame this didn't turn out better. I'd taken some shots of inside too, but they didn't come out at all. This place where we stayed out in the bush was totally kick-arse.


See what I mean about Amar and his repressed tension? This time he's compelled to show us his butt cheeks.


Amar feels much better having got the moon out of his system.


That's our bus, prepared for our deep dive the next day.


Heading out on the boat for our first ever deep dive!


You know, I was almost in this shot.. :P


That's me, and a few of the others, on our way out to The Arch, Ulladulla.


More of the boat on the way out for our deep dive. First boat exit. First deep dive. See the nerves?


Pete 1, Pete 2 and Tash in the sun en-route to The Arch. ( We never did see the arch, though.. guess we'll have to go back! )


That's Glenn, and Heidy. We had a few run-ins with Glenn. In the end, I think we agreed not to like each other very much. Heidy, Pete's wife, was the life of the party on this dive. It's her first dive in years, having not dived while pregnant and nursing her recently born son, Riley. (Oh, except for the dive on Saturday, at The Gutter, Bass Point)


Adrian, myself, and Noel in the foreground, and Adam poping his head up in the background. GOOD TO GO!


No, really.. GOOD TO GO! We're pumped! :)


All the excitement was too much for Adam.


Adam feels much better now. :)


Tash thinking, “you know, I was thinking about doing that, but having seen the results, I suspect spewing overboard may not be all it's cracked up to be...”


I think this shot was taken after the deep dive, on our way back in. Pressure at 30m does strange things to your brain, most of the morning is a blur.


Adrian carries some gear off the boat. Just before Glenn yelled at everyone. The sun wasn't the only heat on this jetty.


OK. The first dive was cool. Let's go out there again!


Noel and Tash having some serious discussion. Perhaps this is regarding Tasha's theory that “the 'velocity' of time increases with age?”


Some dolphins playing in the distance as we return to Ulladulla. That second dive for the day was probably one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life.


Hmm.. that's what water looks like. There're dolphins down there, but I missed them.


Aha! There he is!


Just sort of got it there. The dolphins swam in front of the boat as we were heading back home.


Another shot of the dolphins in the distance.


Noel and I discussing how seriously cool diving is.


Adam looking toward Ulladulla as we come home from our last dive of the weekend.


Glenn, winner of this weekend's official “Chris-like knob-head of the weekend” award, drinks the water I bought him, after “the incident.”


The crew is all smiles. Diving is the coolest thing *ever*.


That's our air and gear in the trailer behind the bus. Home time.


A picture tells a thousand words. That's exactly how I felt too, Adrian. Awesome weekend. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

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