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No one gets it.

Thu Feb 5 09:06:00 UTC+1100 2004


[UPDATE] You know, I saw this and I think I was being a bit of a ballbag when I wrote it. I blame just having a bad day, and being stressed. I guess what I'm really frustrated about is that I don't really understand the specification myself. I don't think this is because “I'm dumb“, but it just seems to have a few logic and consistency problems. So I take back all the venom, and hope we can all figure this out.

Sometimes I'm just pissed off by people. I know that not everyone knows everything, and I certainly know that I don't know everything.

But I hate it when people are just wrong.

Anyway, this entire thread gave me the shits (for a whole lot of stupid, menial reasons that I'm not going to go into, basically revolved around me being a complete pedant):

And the fact that the SqlConnection implementation in Mono doesn't call the base Dispose(bool) as per the spec and breaks the Dispose pattern shits me too:

I guess that I should probably get in touch with someone and let them know that they haven't implemented the spec. Hey, I could claim to be a Mono contributor, you know with a whole _one line of code_. Nah, I'm gonna go get another cup of coffee.


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