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I don't know. Good question. AKA: "Me too!"

Tue Feb 3 13:04:00 UTC+1100 2004


You know when you see a good question arrive in your inbox from a technical or other forum and you read it and think: good question, I really have no idea.

You feel really tempted to write back with some comment to that effect, saying that you think this is a good question, why it's a good question and that you would be interested in knowing yourself, etc. The thing is, that you _know_ you SHOULD NOT do this. But it sort of feels like it's a part of a normal conversation, and you are part of the conversation. I hate watching good threads die, because no-one knows the answer, or couldn't be bothered posting back.

I wonder if sometimes the “Me too!” posts ever help to flame someone who does know into actually posting their comments? I'm pretty sure that generally as soon as there is too much of that noise the thread or even the entire group, list, etc. just goes down the drain.

Sometimes I feel like trying to be helpful, but really the question is outside the domain of my knowledge for one reason or another. For me it's an excercise in restraint to see the post and just decide to 'leave it alone', I like to reply to _everything_.

I'm glad I have my blog! :)


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