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Another quick thought

Wed Mar 2 21:48:00 UTC+1100 2005


If 'random' is algorithmically incompressible, then I reckon that 'meaning' is algorithmically compressible.

That is, 'meaning' is a virtue of a pattern that can be 'summarised' without the loss of accuracy. ( 'Degree' in meaning would account for loss of accuracy. )

What would be the implication of the ability to summarise 'everything' (i.e. to 'summarise the universe', or understand the 'meaning of life')?

Think about the fact that the 'summary' would be 'contained' by 'everything'.

I'm not too sure what I'm on to, but bifurcation and fractal would probably be keywords.

Would that mean that if you absolutely understood the 'meaning of life' then there would be a little 'mini you' copying your every move down at a submicroscopic scale (and a big you, copying you, made from the stars)..?

I reckon I'm on fire this morning.

I guess now I'll just have to sit around and wait for Frank to inject some witticism...

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