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I hate missed calls..

Sat Jan 31 10:24:00 UTC+1100 2004


I had my head phones on and up loud and could barely hear the phone ringing. You know, you _think_ that you can hear something, but you ignore it, but then it keeps going, then you're forced to take off your headphones and you do so just in time to hear your answering machine pick up the phone then you grab your phone and hear that 'click' sound as the person on the other end of the line hangs up, not wanting to leave a message. Then you can't dial *10# to get the number, because as far as the telco is concerned you answered the phone, the person didn't leave a message, and it was only milliseconds that you missed them by.

Well it just happened. I hate it when that happens. People usually call out of the blue to tell you something, so you sit there wondering who it could have been and what it is that you now don't know because you missed the call. :(


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